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What do you call these things anyway?

This is the most common question asked at trade shows and there is some confusion over what these essentially "giant mandolins" are called. Below is some general information about the "mandolin family" instruments as well as guitars and guitar hybrids.

Irish BouzoukiB-IIIModel B-III
  • B-I
    Our original Irish bouzouki design, the B-I features a 25 1/2" scale and greater body depth which combine to produce an instrument with superior sustain and low end balanced with clear, bell-like midrange and highs. This was the first model originally designed for Michael Holmes of Dervish.

  • B-II
    For those looking for something a little different in body design, we offer the B-II. This model was inspired by the traditional, graceful mandolin designs seen earlier in the 20th century by makers like Vega, Gibson and Martin. The B-II has proven itself as a great lead bouzouki, with solid highs and midrange, complemented by rich, woody bass tones.
  • B-III
    The largest model in the traditional teardrop shaped bouzouki series, the B-III (also affectionately known as the "B-52") is a great zouk for accompaniment in large groups and sessions. This was the second model originally developed for Michael Holmes and at 15" across and 4.5" at the tailblock its projection, sustain and low end power has been proven with numerous bands and performers around the world.

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  • OM-I
    A traditionally-styled octave mandolin, the OM-I is a versatile instrument lending itself well to lead work and, with it's deep body design, accompaniment as well.

  • OM-Is
    Mandolin and fiddle players will appreciate our new short-necked "s" models featuring a 20.125" (511 mm) scale for their easy fingering and surprisingly good depth of tone and sustain.

  • OM-II
    The OM-II offers ease of play and a cutting midrange that also works well as a lead instrument, and it is also available as the OM-IIs with the 20.125" (511 mm) scale.

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Octave mandolinom-IIModel OM-II

Cittern & Other
c-IIModel C-II
  • C-I

  • C-II

  • C-III

These instruments usually have a shorter scale length, large body, 10 strings, and are used with a variety of tunings.

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  • Style II
    OM guitar with redwood top, curly koa back and sides, 25.5" (648mm) scale

  • Style VI
    "Small jumbo" Brazilian rosewood back and sides, Bearclaw Sitka spruce top, 25.5" scale

  • More styles listed soon!
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style IIstyle II
Guitar/Bouzouki Hybrids

Style 1-G mangoburst1-G Mangoburst

We offer 8 and 10-stringed versions of several of our smaller guitar models.


  • I-G

    The Style 1-G was born when an extra octave mandolin neck found its way onto a neckless, Style I parlor guitar body several years ago. The result was a versatile instrument, well suited for fingerpicking and crosspicking styles or providing superb depth of sound for backing up a large group. The Style I-G features an X-braced spruce top with a pin bridge. The neck profile is relatively flat with an ovaled fingerboard for slick action and easy playability. We can also build these using our Style V based on the Martin 00 and the Style II which is our take on the 000 size.


Typical teardrop mandolin shape. We use a slightly longer scale and deeper body to produce an instrument with lots of ring and sustain.

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Celtic mandolin

2 mandolins


picture coming!



20 1/8 scale can be tuned in standard mandola tuning CGDA and capoed
at the 5th fret to give standard mandolin tuning.